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My name is Donna Snow and I am an accidental technologist approaching 16 years of experience in the industry. I never imagined myself working in web development but now after all these years I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I raised six wonderful human beings who are nest-free and I spend my days deep in WordPress and Digital Marketing – both for my day job and for my own personal interests. I started in the late 90’s with html & css1 and discovered Open Source and content management systems. Having spent much of the early 2000’s working with the Plone Content Management system as an integrator I got really good at creating themes and training others how to use the system. Now 15 years later I’ve jumped on the WordPress bandwagon but Plone will always be my first love. In the process of resuscitating this blog of mine to share with those who are entering the web development sphere all that I’ve learned through mistakes and joyful discovery. You’ll find articles about WordPress from simple dashboard tips to advanced customization’s I have had to make for various projects. You’ll also find articles about SEO, SEM, social media and digital marketing. ¬†Essentially this is my brain dump and I hope you find it informative and entertaining. Thanks for reading.


p.s. – I’m a gadget freak so there will be posts about wearables, IoT (Internet of Things) and essentially anything in tech that gets me excited!

p.p.s – Feel free to follow me on ALL the social media as snowwrite :) I will follow you back and I look forward to the conversation!

  • Three reasons why PubCon is a must attend for the online marketer

    It’s Sunday morning after PubCon week in Las Vegas (Nov. 8-11, 2010). I couldn’t sleep the night after the show was over, my mind was just racing with new ideas to implement at work. ¬†I have been in the web industry since the early 90’s. Primarily working on websites both as a designer and a programmer. I got active in Open Source in 2001 and had my first exposure to community driven software. I’ve always had an interest in but never really pursued the advertising/marketing side of the web.

  • Effective Solutions to In-House SEO, PPC and Campaigns

    @LauraLippay (works @ Yahoo!)

    2/3 of online search users are driven to perform searches as a result of exposure to some offline channel

    $13 Million Hyundai Super Bowl Ad

    Hot Trends in Google Search.

    During the Super Bowl -‘edit your own” and ‘hyundai’ were “hot trends” – if you did a Google search for Edit your Own the ad nor Hyundai site showed up. Missed opportunity

    We are still not connecting offline with online.

    SEO as a marketing channel like Television, Direct Mail, Print, Internet, Radio, and Outdoor

    SEO has rich web development background.

    What can I do?

    Integrating search into marketing campaigns. Hasn’t been able to find

  • PubCon 2010 (LiveBlogging Intro)

    November 9, 10 and 11 I will be LiveBlogging from the PubCon conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. PubCon is an Internet Marketing conference that features sessions led by industry experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), internet marketing and website operation. All of these topics are extremely interesting to me and are part of my daily responsibilities at my day job.

    I live in Henderson and work in downtown Las Vegas so this isn’t an out-of-town “trip” for me. I’m really excited anyway. I’ll get to meet some of the SEO/SEM and Social