26,926 blog posts in the blogosphere within the last day for Google Chrom

26,926 blog posts in the blogosphere within the last day for Google Chrome.

I have fallen prey to the phenomena that is “Google Chrome” blogging day. Although I’m usually so much more strong willed, today I’ve lost all of my ability to not jump off that proverbial bridge. I downloaded Chrome, and am playing with it along with everyone else.

First impressions:

Damn it’s clean and at first blush it seems really, really fast

Although only 1/2 the functionality of Firebug at the moment the “inspect this element” tool is slick, slick, slick! (right click on the browser page and select “inspect this element”)

I added gmail as an “Create an Application Shortcut” and it’s sexy and accessible from my desktop. Not that that matters as much to me as it does to my 65 yo mother who likes shortcuts on her desktop to her “ahem” Yahoo! mail.  I’m absorbing as much as I can in the blogosphere about this new tool (you find out more from your peers than you do from documentation, I’ll tell you that much!)

An interesting post from Mozilla CEO John Lily


Want to know why? Read Google’s Comic Book


(warning: the comic book is excellent but 36 + pages so get a cup of coffee and maybe call a geek to explain it, I just happen to live with a geek so I know more about browsers than I ever thought I wanted to know, go me)

I ran a few tests and I’m still poking at the “Chrome” but it’s looking like it’s going to be an awesome browser. I love FF3 and am writing this post in FF3 with Yoono and all my little rss feeds, twittering in my Yoono panel and admiring my colorful tabs so whether I’ll switch browsers anytime soon remains to be seen.

As a xhtml/css/template designer I spend way too much time in the browser worrying about this pixel and that pixel and swearing that non-standard browsers should be totally and completely scrapped I’m glad to see that Google is listening and improving our experience.

Google is so right when they say that our experience with the browser has changed. So many of us spend our day streaming video (watching the news online instead of on the television like we used to). Talking to our kids who have left the nest through chat of some sort (gtalk anyone?). Ordering groceries and holding online conferences and/or training sessions (I did that more this past year than I ever have in the past).  The requirements of the average user has changed.

As far as the accusations that Google is trying to monopolize the web. Who cares? If they do something better than anyone else, don’t they deserve it? They’ve worked hard to get here so why take that away?

Google has done their homework, let them revel in the ice cream sundae they earned and let’s get back to helping them build us the best browser ever (even if it turns out to be Firefox 4 – using all the cool technologies Google has developed and is willing to share). Monopolization implies the unwillingness to “share”, how can Google monopolize the web when they’ve Open  Sourced the code generated after months and months of  blood, sweat and gears (yes it’s a pun ;-P)

Kudos Google, keep up the good work.

As for me, I’ll continue to use FF3 for web developer type work and Chrome for browsing and checking email! (at least for now)

(btw the amount of blog posts has probably increased since I started this particular post!)