WordPress Mobile Tip: Remove white space on right hand side on iPad and iPhone 5

So you finish up your site and you are testing it on multiple devices and it’s looking fantastic. As a final check you fire up your iPad and something seems off, what is that small white gap on the right hand side!? Your responsive cross-device compatible website isn’t as perfect as you thought! These 1-2 device issues are usually the hardest to solve especially since they look fine in iPhone 6 and most Android phones.


[Small white space on right side of banner and header section only visible on iPad and iPhone 5]

I ran in to this situation on a client site and thanks to a great answer on Stack Overflow I was able to resolve it. IF this solution doesn’t work for you there were a few other good ones in response to that question that may work. I just happened to try this one first and it fixed the issue immediately

WordPress Tip: Turning off Comments on Published Posts & Pages

Turning off comments in Discussion does not affect content that was created prior to our change. The following is a quick way to make sure all our content has comments turned off.


1. Go to Posts


2. Find how many Published posts you have




3. Click on Screen Options in top right corner and add the amount of posts the click on apply




4. Click on the checkbox next to title (this will select all the posts on the page)


5. Go to dropdown and select edit and then apply


6. Go to comments drop-down and select Do Not Allow


7 Click on the Update button on right hand side


Now all your current posts will have comments turned off.