Doccomm Sprint – Day 5

As the SanFran bound packed up and headed out the doors of Google one last time it struck me as amazing just how productive both teams were (ecommerce and documentation) over the last week. Sprinters from barely 18 years old to 50+ years of age collaborated for hours every day) and you could feel the sense of pride as another milestone was reached.

So maybe “I just finished this.. yay” was typed into the channel while we sat merely 3 feet away.. but it was there.. and it made me proud to be a Plonista. Totally different personalities.. totally different backgrounds.. totally different viewpoints.. and yet progress was made. This is what makes sprinting an experience not to be missed..
This was my very first sprint. I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest as a GIT (Geekette in Training) much of what was discussed on the ecommerce side was way over my head. Markers, interfaces, and eggs? I actually know what a python egg is now (thank you siebo and db)..

As an implementer/designer my biggest concern with all the upcoming changes is “How is this going to affect my end users?” and “Does this mean the way we do things to customize a Plone site (especially with look & feel) is going to change? I asked those questions and got honest answers that’ll help to prepare myself and my clients.
Watching everything transpire this week also made me realize there is plenty of room in our community for non-programmers who want to help us continue to enhance Plone’s core functionality..

How can you help?

  • Sponsor a sprinter (help a sprinter with travel, lodging and food)
  • Document, Document, Document… you don’t have to be a programmer to write documentation…this isn’t necessarily the documentation on either.. this can be helping with Readme.txt’s and intall.txt for core products and third party products.
  • Provide a place for sprinters to get together.. (I for one believe these sprints help to give a team the ability to really hash out things that may hold up development.. a whiteboard and a few diagrams later.. there is only the sound of keys clacking on laptops as the diagrams are turned into working code.)
  • Can’t write?.. don’t have a place to sponsor a sprinter?.. then why not help Plone by testing new beta releases and sending in bug reports..

The Plone community is one of the strongest ones I’ve ever been involved with.. and because of this Plone continues to grow both in implementation and features.. don’t be afraid to step up to the plate and say..

Hey.. how can I help?