Effective Solutions to In-House SEO, PPC and Campaigns

@LauraLippay (works @ Yahoo!)

2/3 of online search users are driven to perform searches as a result of exposure to some offline channel

$13 Million Hyundai Super Bowl Ad

Hot Trends in Google Search.

During the Super Bowl -‘edit your own” and ‘hyundai’ were “hot trends” – if you did a Google search for Edit your Own the ad nor Hyundai site showed up. Missed opportunity

We are still not connecting offline with online.

SEO as a marketing channel like Television, Direct Mail, Print, Internet, Radio, and Outdoor

SEO has rich web development background.

What can I do?

Integrating search into marketing campaigns. Hasn’t been able to find good examples of this integration. Some aspects of SEO and SEM has to connect with marketing.

Campaign strategy meetings – your SEO can tell you, if there is opportunity in search for this – there is no target market or there is opportunity.

Organic ranking for external advertising


PPC <—-SEO Strategy


Technical SEO


SEM needs to be recognized as an integrated marketing channel

SEO/M needs to be looped into campaign strategy meetings for clients

SEM can determine search marketing cost and opportunity

An SEO’s Tale @alli12
Allison Fabella

Launches a site, traffic goes up – Rock Star

Then traffic went down – not a Rock Star anymore

Common Offenders:


Good Solution: Speak Geek
Speak Money (competitors are getting organic search results)

Solutions: Include All Stakeholder in the discussion

Hit them in the wallet

Suggest Actionable Alternative


Canonical Tags
Site Map (what can go wrong)
Incorrect Url
Incorrect sitemap protocol
Invalid date, tags, URL
Incorrect sitemap type in GWT

Be the detective


Regular meetings with stakeholders:
-Daily or weekly
-Review upcoming & completed changes
-Carefully review code BEFORE launch

Topher Kohan

(does SEO for CNN & Turner Broadcasting)

Build evangelist

ID your support staff




Build a support network

Evangelize for SEO within the organization

Get it?
Wants to get it?
Gets excited by it?
Embraces it?

Find the Evangelist

Treat them as a Team
Conversations on what works and what doesn’t work

Never Stop:

Building them Up
Training Them
Improving the work flow
ID Problems
Getting help


Link value degradation