PSPS 2008 – report from an Integrator

We are heading into our last day of the Plone Strategic Planning Summit.Our laptops have been packed away and our focus has been to be “present” and involved. It is amazing to see just how many here have dug in to the task at hand and are doing it without bloodshed (ok we are adults but there are some passionate opinions). The overall event has been fantastically well organized.

The only thing that I’d do different is allow for some free discussion with the entire group that allows true debate on some of the hottest issues. OK some feelings will get hurt.. but I think there is an undercurrent here of “let’s get this resolved and get the real work done”. Who wants to invest the next six months to a year working on an application only to find out that everything is going to change?

The discussion about whether Plone is a product or framework.. has been pushed aside a few times and I’m hoping today is the day where we get to really pin this down.. just like we have so many other issues related to the “framework/product/thing that is Plone. I still cannot answer the question: “What is Plone?”. (I mean I can tell you conceptually, I can tell you what it is capable of.. but I can’t tell you what it is in an “elevator speech”)

Overall, this summit has been an eye-opening experience. There is a real desire from the developers to connect/engage with the integrator (which always benefits the end-user as they are the beneficiary of our content .. err happiness) I’m feeling more a part of the overall community rather than on one side or the other and truly believe the Plone Strategic Planning Summit is the best thing that has happened to Plone in a long, long time.

I’ll provide more details as to what has happened over the last couple days. Right now it’s off for our last day together (I’m feeling like this needed to be a full week.. because there is so much to do.. but this has provided us with a solid jumping off point) Here is to continued momentum in this direction.

Off to summit, blog at you later!