PubCon 2010 (LiveBlogging Intro)

November 9, 10 and 11 I will be LiveBlogging from the PubCon conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. PubCon is an Internet Marketing conference that features sessions led by industry experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), internet marketing and website operation. All of these topics are extremely interesting to me and are part of my daily responsibilities at my day job.

I live in Henderson and work in downtown Las Vegas so this isn’t an out-of-town “trip” for me. I’m really excited anyway. I’ll get to meet some of the SEO/SEM and Social Media bloggers whose informative posts I’ve read, printed and utilized in my job as Webmaster. My job involves both organic search engine optimization and ppc (as well as the usual webmastery stuff like coding and design)

That said there are the sessions I’m planning on attending (this could change depending on how fast I am and how fast the sessions fill up).

1. Hardcore PPC Tactics
2. The Best Tactics in Landing Page Optimization
3. Effective Solutions to In-House SEO, PPC and Campaigns
4.  Enterprise Level Bid Management
5. Top Shelf SEO: Hot Topics and Trends


1. Local Search and Mobile Optimization
2. Keyword Research, Selection and Optimization
3. Social Media, Press Relations & Brand Management
4. Super Session: Search Engines and Webmasters

1. Convergence of Online Marketing and Analytics
2. Real World Low-Risk High-Reward Link Building
3. SEO 2010
4. Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Organic
5. Advanced PPC and other Paid Online Media Strategies

I’ll be blogging from my recently acquired pink Sony Vaio 🙂

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