5 Reasons to wait for the Next Generation Blackberry Storm

I have been seriously lusting after the Blackberry Storm for months now. A die hard fan of Blackberry (I currently own a Blackberry Curve) I wanted all the perks of the iPhone and the phone quality and enterprise features of the Blackberry. After all I use my Blackberry to keep my business humming even when I’m not IN my physical office.

The Storm launched last Friday, November 21st and I’m glad I decided to wait to see what would transpire after real users had hold of one for more than a few seconds.

I read blogs, followed news stories and here is what I’ve gathered:

1. What? No WiFi? You have to be kidding me! (although I have to say EDGE has been sufficient for me so far it is still not ok for this device to be WiFi free)

2. Doesn’t Sync with the Mac (I don’t own a mac but many, many of my friends and associates do and this totally kills it for them, there are workarounds but there shouldn’t have to be workarounds at all)

3. Software is sluggish (rumor has it that there was a security issue so a quick patch had to be made, or they rolled back the software before launch, this is fixable with upgrades but I’d rather wait until the right software ships with the second-gen device)

4. RIM WILL get it right the second time around (RIM cares about it’s users and will get it right, they listen and we will in fact see a much better device in about six months or so, I’ll wait)

5. The “clickable” screen is still a little clunky, it does take about 30 minutes or so – based on reports – to get used to it. The next generation will take that clickable screen and improve on it based on real world use.

I don’t care whether the Storm is trying to kill the iPhone, to me the iPhone and the Blackberry meet different needs, just like the Mac and the PC. I lived and worked with Mac’s for over 10 years and switched to PC’s about 10 years ago. I worked at Apple before we all had desktops at home. I love the Macs for creative work, but the cost is prohibitive when productivity is more important than beauty.

To me Blackberry is best for business, iPhone is best for fun, fun, fun! So a mixture of both in my favorite handheld will make me the happiest Blackberry fan ever.

My new Plantronics 855 headset

Blackberry Curve 8320So I have had my Blackberry Curve a few months now. My very first smart phone. I didn’t jump on the iPhone bandwagon for a couple reasons.. I just felt the Curve had a feminine look to it and although the iPhone is great (from what I hear) it just doesn’t get me as excited as my Curve did…

I’m a bit behind the times (or so my kids keep reminding me.. have you ever watched a 13 yo text!) My 13 yo walks around saying LOL and IRL and OMG .. in real life.. and it makes me chuckle because I remember the CompuServ/AOL days where we’d log on to a chat room and would find it hilarious when we accidentally said LOL while talking to a real live person.

Ah, let them think they invented it.. it’s ok.

Anyway, back to my new Plantronics 855.

Plantronics Voyager 855

When I went shopping for a bluetooth headset I knew I wanted something I could use for listening to music on my Blackberry.. I had decided rather than purchasing a separate “mp3” player (I don’t listen to music on the go as much) I’d purchase a micro-sd card and put some songs on there..but that required some way to listen to my music and answer calls seamlessly.

I fell in love with the look of the Plantronics headset.. so I bought it at Fry’s and took it home. Unfortunately the first one I brought home was a “dud”. It didn’t charge.. (no matter how much I begged). I’m used to having to return at least one item to Fry’s electronics.. so it wasn’t a big shock as we’d spent nearly 2k in computer equipment that day..so the fact that the only thing we had to return was my little $100 headset wasn’t too bad.. We got a replacement and brought it home.

Now keep in mind.. I am NOT a techno-geek.. in fact my first experience with trying to get my Blackberry to recognize the Plantronics was pointing them at each other and waiting.. come on little Plantronic.. can’t you see the Blackberry? My geeky type boyfriend (after picking himself up off the floor from laughing so hard) had to explain the fine art of Bluetooth pairing and actually got them conversing.

So my impression? I’m still trying to master answering the phone with my Bluetooth.. I often hit the “button” on the headset twice and inadvertently hang up on my caller.. (not good when clients are trying to get through). I am getting better..

I like how small the actual earpiece is. I have a small ear and most earpieces just fall right out..even the ones with the “hooks” on them (and the Plantronics headset comes with a few different sized “hooks”)..the only thing I’d really like is if the hook that has the audio connection (so you can listen to music in stereo) had a slightly smaller choice in “hooks”..

The sound quality is great…

Overall I’m really pleased with the Plantronics Voyager 855..it’s non-descript (not big and bulky).. has decent sound quality.. and pairs nicely with my Blackberry.