Beyond Analytics and other interesting links

I’ve been a bit obsessed with YouTube lately and in my traversals have run across some interesting Web Tools to which I might not otherwise have been exposed.

Using Google Analytics for your website tracking but looking for even more information about visitors?

Click Tale


For the Windows users out there wanting to check out both browsers (IE and FF) at the same time check out:

warning: It looks like they haven’t include FF3 yet and yes Firebug is a good solution but this tool allows you to change CSS and look at both browsers in a split (or tabbed) window. Instead of moving from FF3 (or 2) and then IE7 and open Firebug in FF and the IE Developer toolbar in IE)

If you are a visual learner like I am then some of the CSS tutorials at YouTube can really help speed along your absorption of knowledge.

One of my favorite “teachers” is . His accent is a little thick but the teaching speed is just right.

On the right side of his videos you’ll find links to related videos so start exploring if you haven’t already. It’s amazing how much you learn in a 3 minute video!

Hope you are having a terrific labor day weekend!

Resources for Plone designers

So you heard me lamenting not that long ago about the unfairness of the new “way” to theme a Plone site (Plone 3.0). How those of us who are integrators were feeling the sting of being “left behind”.

As time is passing I’m warming up to the ideas presented and trying my hardest to assimilate myself into this new “process” as much as possible. I owe it to my clients. That said.. I’m always on the look out for resources to help those of us who don’t dream in code learn how to make Plone look pretty (or at least match our clients look & feel).

So about a month ago one of the regulars on IRC , RobZoneNet, posted his theming write up to the channel and I, being curious, went on over and took a look.

Rob has provided an excellent write up for those of us who don’t need to know about adaptercomponenttypethingiesontuesday…

Beautiful! I have this baby printed out and stuck on my wall with a bright red thumbtack…talk about valuable!

Oh and to top it off.. Rob is working on another one..

Wanna learn more about TAL or how to customize the Plone favicon.. go here
(most of these were written by Rob) must always check for the latest in documentation.. but keep these links bookmarked because I guarantee you.. these will be dog eared in no time.