today’s adventure in IEhell

Did you know that IE7 will take a Son-of-Suckerfish drop-down menu, beat it up then call it’s mama?

Alright, overly dramatic but I spent better part of today trying to figure out why IE7 is the only one that refused to close my sub menus on the Plone drop-down menu I was working on. At one point all my sub menus were exposed for the world to see and I couldn’t make them go away!

That said I ran across a couple neat links I thought I’d share:

Granted this is a 2 year old post but it worked for my particular issue. Be sure to read through the comments and double check Safari, rumor has it that the fix may not work as well on older Safari browsers.

A Fix for Suckerfish Dropdowns in IE

A nice list of options for dealing with the IE7 sticky sub menus

Sticky Sons of Suckerfish

Funny thing is, IE7 is giving me more grief than IE6 today! Now off to try and figure out why IE7 thinks I requested:

font-size: ginormous;