The anti-sprint (Plone 3.1 testing event March 14-16)

We won’t be writing code or submitting fixes… we will be the ones finding the bugs!

Join us on Friday March 14 to Sunday March 16th and contribute to the Plone community without having to buy a Plone ticket (Plane, I meant Plane).

As I mentioned last month as “champion” for integrator liaisons I’ve committed to leading/coordinating/organizing a monthly gathering at #plone-integrators on the IRC freenode server.

This month is special, this month we have the priviledge of testing the Plone 3.1 release and providing our hard-working developers with the feedback they need to catch those pesky little bugs and squash them til they are good and dead.

This Friday March 14th we’ll gather in #plone-integrators and begin “Real-World” testing of migration to this newer version (with a whole lot of fixes). We are also looking for feedback on fresh installations. How does editing work for you? content rules? Issues with setting up workflow?

Show up on Friday with a site you need (or want) to migrate or just download Plone 3.1 and put this new release to the test.

An example of an issue that needs to be tested: Reports that NuPlone in 3.1 is crashing IE6 & IE7

Installers (for those of us just not ready to handle buildout yet) will be available in the next couple of days (you are welcome to download and test prior to Friday of course).

Come armed with a positive attitude and real desire to help improve Plone.

The event will be open all weekend (I’ll be there as much as possible. I’m participating in the doc sprint at Penn State -remotely) so pop in when you have a little while to participate.

IF you haven’t already please join our Open Plans project for integrators.

Oh and hey, if you don’t have Martin’s book (Professional Plone Development).. let me know in PM when you get to the event. Two lucky type people will get a copy donated by C Squared Enterprises (I’ll announce here on Monday who gets the book..they’ll be picked randomly from those who  stay at least one hour and participate AND don’t have his book yet :-)) Even if you aren’t a programmer/developer you can still give the book to someone who is.. 🙂

Come and go according to your schedule.. but please do join us! We can use all the feedback you all can spare!