C2E Training:Creating Plone 3 skins and custom views

Recognizing the need for training in customizing the look & feel of Plone, C Squared (C2E) will start hosting quarterly training sessions focused on the “art of theming”.  Our first 3 day session is scheduled for  March 18 – March 20, 2009 and will focus on creating a Plone 3 theme product.

Trainees will be able to convert a photoshop file to an installable Plone 3 theme product. Training will include comprehensive css training (with more focus on Plone specific css), making sense of viewlets and portlets, adding your own css and javascript files, understanding generic setup profiles (making your changes in the zmi and exporting) and best practices for theming Plone sites.

Knowledge of Python is not necessary but basic knowledge of *nix or windows command line and comfort with working on the filesystem is suggested.

Please register for the course here

C2E Training offers a variety of Plone specific training sessions including sessions for content managers, integrators and designers. If you are in need of training for your organization please feel free to contact us at (408)866-1300