Why does Plone theming hurt so good

It’s Wednesday morning and I haven’t even had my coffee yet and the second thought in my mind is my Plone filled day ahead (the first thought being is there anymore Frosted Flakes left and did the kids eat it all).

There are days, like today, where I wonder to myself why, after nearly 9 years, I’m still building Plone sites. Plone is still hard, but it is getting easier, or so I’m told. Am I a masochist maybe? Is the strength and pull of the Plone community so strong that even though my common sense says run, run far away and never look back, I still sit here day after day creating Plone themes? Maybe it IS Stockholm syndrome after all. I’ve been at the mercy of Plone’s multiple changes and increasingly more difficult theming story for a long time. Granted, I stay on top of “what is coming next” and know much of this ‘pain’ will go away with Plone 4. Or will it?

After all I am a designer, not a programmer. And yet I spend 99% of my time in code. Don’t even get me started on viewlet modification! Plone has so many awesome features, my clients love Plone because I love Plone. My clients see through my eyes, voice and actions that Plone is the right tool for their project. It is, really. Why does it hurt so much to make it pretty! Why do I love that it hurts so much? What am I going to do with myself when Plone has reached the point where theming is easy!? I can’t bear the thought.

I have tried to leave, to pull myself away from this project that has such a hold on me. It’s not easy. Plone is just so charming when you do what it tells you to do. Cross Plone and you’ll see, it can throw a nasty little traceback at you without giving it a second thought. Oh Plone what shall I do, I know I should leave you but I can’t. Plone you make me crazy, but you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

/* heading to the kitchen for coffee and mumbling something about interfaces and zcml */

  • vaporboy

    Sounds a lot like love doesn’t it? Tell you what. Spend a day with SharePoint and you’ll go back to Plone with open arms and probably buy it a drink and say your ‘sorry’ for cheating on it. True, Plone is a pain to theme/skin, but with folks like you trudging away at making it easier for the community to understand its inner-workings, its getting better with open dialog if nothing else. I hope the Plone folks programming it’s core are listening to the community with Plone 4’s impending release because the way i see it, Plone’s main failing in getting many people to adopt it IS the fact that designers must become developers. Those we love we can’t change, but Plone is a thing not a person and therefore CAN be changed. And we love it just the same! Take solace in the fact that there are others suffering the same frustrations and are eagerly looking forward to new things in 4.0. Oh Plone, please don’t let us down!